The students from our school participated in many competitions and won attractive prizes. As a part of the 61st All India Co-Operative Week Celebrations, an inter school quiz competition for nursery students in Mahe Region was held in our school. 19 schools participated in this competition. Our tiny tots team Abhinav.P and Abhinand Vivek won the First place. Our students staged programmes in Mahe as part of 61st all India Co-operative week closing ceremony In Thilak Kalamela our children Participated in many programmes and got prizes. In the Mahe region Balakalamela our children came out with flying colours. They got many prizes for the stage and off stage programmes. We scored highest points in the JLP and SLP section. In the Mahe region science fair our VIIthstandard student Master Samjith.R got third place in the science working model competition. Our teachers Smt.Sheeba.P and Smt. Jayasree.P.P won the second prize in the quiz competition and our other teacher Smt. Preetha.P.P. got second prize in the essay competitions conducted in connection with 61st All India Co-Op. Week Celebrations.Smt. Sheena.K.T.K. our computer teacher got 1st prize in the flower arrangement competition and third prize in vegetable carving conducted by JCI TelecheryIn the PCM scholarship exam 136 children wrote the exam out of these we got 43- A3, 7 -A2 and so many distinctions and first classes with 85% result.